The Company's Profile

RariTEK is a commercial and industrial association that specializes in production and maintenance of gas engine equipment, designing of LPG filling equipment and mobile automobile fuel tankers, as well as in conversion of vehicles from traditional motor fuel to natural fuel.

Moreover, RariTEK's production facilities produce RGK gas engines, service equipment for gas-cylinder vehicles and highly specialized components. A full-scale assembly of medium-and large-class buses has been arranged under its own LOTOS brand.

A special attention is paid to development of new technologies and processes for production of cryogenic fuel systems, as well as to ways of their implementation on vehicles of various modifications. There are technology and technological process created for production of components and equipment for low-tonnage LNG plants.

The Company has created more than 30 service centers for maintenance of gas equipment in the Russian Federation. The largest of them is located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, and it is able to simultaneously perform maintenance for more than 30 units of methane equipment. There are more than 5,000 specialists in our own training center who have been trained, awarded with certificates and taught the principles, rules and regulations for the use of gas-cylinder vehicles.

RariTEK was one of the first companies to develop gas engine market in Russia. Twenty years of experience in project implementation has made it possible for us to accumulate a sufficient amount of competence to offer new high-performance solutions to the market.

RariTEK Auto Group, LLC is an official dealer of KAMAZ PJSC, NEFAZ PJSC, Hyundai Truck and Bus Rus LLC for the sale of diesel and gas-powered vehicles, spare parts, as well as for maintenance.

RariTEK Technical Center, LLC is a service center for gas engine and diesel equipment (conversion of transport equipment to natural gas, sale of gas auto components, sale of service equipment for gas engine service centers, training of gas engine equipment operation specialists).

RariTEK Engineering, LLC is an official dealer of AZ Ural JSC for the sale of diesel and gas-powered vehicles Ural, as well as designing designing and manufacturing new products for gas engine industry (service equipment, mobile gas tankers (PAGZ) of CNG, LNG and CNG/LNG, booster gas pumping stations, compressors, block stationary automobile gas fillers, equipment for stationary automobile gas fillers and degassing stations).

RMZ RariTEK, LLC is a production and technical group of companies which have mastered production of original gas equipment with its subsequent adaptation and installation on vehicles manufactured by KAMAZ, PJSC. The factory also performs maintenance and repair of trucks in its territory.

RariTEK-Technologies, LLC is a leading manufacturer of pre-fabricated frame and tent structures: multi-purpose hangars, drilling rig shelters, pavilions, sports and other structures.

A wide range of tasks and competent distribution of them serve as the Company's main principles.

The group of companies pays great attention to training of the personnel of dealership centers of KAMAZ, PJSC and other companies interested in development of the gas engine industry. The specialists are constantly trained by our own training center and receive certificates and learn principles, rules and regulations for the use of gas-cylinder vehicles.

There are currently more than 600 highly-qualified specialists employed with RariTEK Group of Companies. The headquarters is located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The Company has incorporated branches in the following cities: Neryungri, Krasnodar.

RariTEK is a partner of state and municipal structures and leading industrial enterprises in Russia. Our key clients are large industrial enterprises, oil and gas companies, and federal agencies such as: Gazprom PJSC, ALROSA JSC, Yakutskenergo OJSC, Transneft JSC, Velesstroy LLC, ROSNEFTEGAZ OJSC, Viluyavtodor OJSC, etc.