Supplier evaluation

1. The Supplier shall be a manufacturer or a dealer, which is to be confirmed by documents (scanned copy of any license, certificate), or a large wholesale and retail seller.

2. The main criterion for evaluation of the Supplier is the Supplier's ability to fulfill the terms and conditions of an agreement (contract) in full and on time.

3. Each Supplier shall confirm its ability to supply products that meet all requirements of any technological documentation (TU, GOST, etc.), design documentation and purchase documents.

4. An evaluation audit of Suppliers may be conducted in order to prove the Supplier's ability to deliver products that meet the requirements (quality, price, delivery time, etc.), as a result of which a list of reliable Suppliers is made up.

5. The Buyer may request a sample of the Supplier's products when selecting a new Supplier and before starting to work with the Supplier on a new type of purchased product.