RMZ RariTEK produces modern special vehicles on KAMAZ chassis, and also cooperates with many manufacturers of special equipment in Russia and abroad.

Production Development Stages


An entry was made to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities concerning incorporation of RMZ RariTEK, LLC on December 28, 2006 (Certificate 16 N 004953786).

The Company's main activities were repair and maintenance of vehicles, development and installation of gas cylinder equipment for KAMAZ vehicles and NEFAZ buses.

RMZ RariTEK received the status of an authorized service center in 2007.



A series of KAMAZ vehicles were developed and certified together with KAMAZ, PJSC which were equipped with 260 320 HP gas engines corresponding to Euro-IV level in terms of emissions. The production of certified buses equipped with KAMAZ-820.61-260 260 HP capacity engine was accomplished which corresponded to Euro-IV level in terms of emissions.



KAMAZ series of gas-powered vehicles were expanded by light-duty vehicles with 4x2 wheelbase and utility superstructures on their chassis.

Foreign engines were started to be used in vehicles in addition to KAMAZ PJSC gas engine, including engines that corresponded to the EURO-V level in terms of emissions of harmful substances. RMZ RariTEK and its partners mastered the production of special equipment, which was intended for public utilities on KAMAZ vehicle chassis with gas and diesel engines.



The Company succeeded in production of mobile automobile gas tankers (PAGZ) intended for filling vehicles with natural gas that were remotely operated from stationary automatic gas fillers.



A unique product was released which was called Mobile Facility for Vehicle CNG Cylinder and Gas System Maintenance.


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A license agreement was concluded between RMZ RariTEK, LLC and MAZ, OJSC on the start of production of LOTOS urban low-floor buses running on methane natural gas as fuel and based on MAZ-206 and MAZ-226 buses.


Cooperation is a Key to Success

Our partners are the largest companies of the world with which we are realizing a lot of joint projects.


Gas power systems are installed, accomplished and prepared for presale of KAMAZ vehicles and NEFAZ buses equipped with gas engines on RMZ RariTEKs sites adapted for manufacture of original gas cylinder equipment.

RMZ RariTEK developed products that were focused on consumers requirements and met international quality standards together with Chinese partners.

CASIC special-purpose garbage removal trucks were designed and manufactured by using MORITA technology.

Vehicles and buses equipped with a YUCHAI Euro-5 ecological level gas engine of 180 to 420 HP capacity.

Vehicles equipped with equipment intended to run on methane liquefied natural gas (LNG).


Our Achievements

  • More than 100 models of KAMAZ vehicles, LOTOS, NEFAZ and BRAVIS buses equipped with gas engines have been developed and are being mass-produced!
  • The production capacity of the gas cylinder vehicle production plant is more than 3000 units per year!
  • The range of gas engines corresponds to Euro-4, Euro-5, Euro -6 environmental classes and has the necessary certificates.