RGK gas engines manufactured by RMZ RariTEK

RMK RariTEK has mastered the production of RGK.EC.820 gas engines together with the KAMAZ, PJSC engine plant.

The RGK engine is made from 820.62-1000400-55 assembly kit, the production of which is mastered at the engine plant of PJSC "KAMAZ" and EControls gas power system.

RMZ RariTEK worked out and proposed to use a system of single gas supply:

Installation of a KAMAZ gas engine with a single gas supply system for new vehicles being produced on the conveyor of manufacturers of vehicles, buses and agriculture machinery.

Re-equipment of vehicles being operated by substitution of a diesel engine for a new KAMAZ gas engine with a single gas supply system made on the basis of SKD.

Re-equipment of vehicles being operated by upgrading diesel engines to gas engines in a specialized workshop on the line of major repairs.

The use of single gas supply on a vehicle helps to increase the fleet of reliable and cost-effective gas-cylinder vehicles due to the release of new equipment and due to conversion of existing diesel vehicles.

TC RU C-RU. MT25.B. 05804 certificate for compliance with ТР ТС 018 requirements of Euro-5 engine family of automobile and bus configurations.


RGK engines are certified for operation on compressed and liquefied natural gas.

A series of engines for tractors and agricultural machines have been developed, and stationary and industrial engines for driving generators, pumps and compressors are being developed based on RGK.EC.820 gas engine of automobile configuration.


It is possible to convert diesel engines of KAMAZ vehicles in operation on the basis of EControls modernized gas system. The aim is to receive an effect due to saving of fuel expenses and to decrease emissions within short time, while the cost of re-equipment is significantly lower than the purchase of new gas version vehicles.

RGK.EC 820 engines fulfill the Euro-5 requirements for emissions of harmful substances and exhaust gases, provide high traction and dynamic specifications and best fuel efficiency, and they are steadily started at an ambient temperature of minus 30 degrees without using a preheater.

The declared operation parameters are provided by EControls single gas supply system due to preparation of a homogeneous operation mixture of gas and air, equal distribution of the mixture through cylinders, stable ignition and best combustion. Separate components of the gas supply system of the single gas supply system have high reliability and provide a long service life, for example, a valve of the continuous gas supply valve is operated trouble-free for more than 1,600,000 km.

Over 5,000,000 km mileage vehicle operation revealed the following advantages of RGK gas engine system:

1. A uniform gas and air mixture and filling the cylinders with the same power operation mixture improve the engine performance, provide stable ignition, eliminate sparks, and increase the service life of spark-plugs.

2. E5 environmental requirements are met.

3. The fuel efficiency is improved by up to 15%.

4. The engine is resistant to dirt and gas condensate.

5. The cylinder-piston group resource is increased, and high reliability and stability of engine operating parameters are provided.

6. Cold start is provided without heating up at maximum -28 degrees.


Download RGK Gas Engine Booklet