Production of gas-cylinder vehicles in Uzbekistan

RariTEK Gaz Engineering, LLC has been manufacturing and maintaining KAMAZ gas cylinder vehicles in Uzbekistan since September 2018 that run on natural gas with RGK engines.

240- 420 HP capacity gas engines are used for installation on KAMAZ vehicles manufactured in Uzbekistan, the warranty of which is equal to 18 months or 150 thousand kilometers. The engines are certified for operation on Eco Gas (methane) with the possibility of remote monitoring and adjustment of operation parameters.

Road tests have proved that the RGK system provides a cold start without heating up at max. minus 28 degrees, increase fuel efficiency by 15% or more.

The initial production capacity for production of gas-powered vehicles is 500 units per year, with a subsequent increase. The company's plans also include further phased localization of gas cylinder equipment elements.