Production of municipal machinery

RMZ RariTEK, LLC produces a wide range of utility vehicles by using superstructures of the leading world manufacturers.

Production of municipal machinery

RMZ-RariTEK has mastered a number of municipal vehicles at the city request, both using conventional diesel fuel and natural compressed gas within recent years.

UMKA series garbage trucks on KAMAZ chassis successfully proved their reliability and efficiency at the Sochi Winter Olympics. High quality, environmental safety, large power reserve. It can be surely affirmed that this utility special equipment is the best in its class.

Production of municipal machinery

UMKA-9G (9m3) garbage truck installed on KAMAZ 4308 chassis and equipped with YUCHAI (gas), IVECO (gas), CUMMINS (diesel) engines);

UMKA-16G (16m3) garbage truck installed on KAMAZ 53605 chassis and equipped with KAMAZ (gas), YUCHAI (gas), CUMMINS (diesel) engines);

UMKA-18G garbage truck(18m3) installed on the chassis of KAMAZ 65115 and equipped with engines KAMAZ (gas), YUCHAI (gas), CUMMINS (diesel);

UMKA-3194A vacuum sweeper installed on a KAMAZ 53605 chassis and equipped with CUMMINS engines (diesel).

Model range of municipal special equipment

Catalog of municipal vehicles